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Non-Discrimination Policy

Sandwich Village Preschool & Child Care will provide services for children two years and nine months through five years. We will not discriminate in providing services to children and their families on the basis of gender, race, religion, cultural heritage, political beliefs, national origin, disability, marital status, or sexual orientation.

Termination & Suspension Policy

A child/family may be suspended from the program for failure to meet financial obligations and becoming more than two weeks behind in tuition payments. Suspension may also be required for failure to provide necessary paperwork for their child’s file.

A child may be terminated from the program under the following circumstances:

  • the child’s health and safety at the preschool cannot be assured

  • the child’s developmental needs are not being met at the preschool

  • the family’s failure to meet financial responsibilities

In the case of termination, the family would be provided with referral services and the staff would provide a transition period to assist the child.


Please call our program early in the morning if your child will not be attending school on their scheduled day. Advance notice of appointments, vacations or days off will be greatly appreciated.

Late Fee Policy

Our center closes promptly at 5:30 p.m. A $5.00 late fee is assessed for a late pick-up for every 15 minute time span, or portion of, after closing time.

Weather-Related Closings

Sandwich Village Preschool follows the Sandwich Public Schools for weather-related closings. Cancellations will be announced on WQRC (99.9 FM.)

Program Changes & Withdrawals

We require 30 days notice in writing if you find it necessary to change your child’s schedule or to withdraw your child from the preschool. Your account must be paid up-to-date and there will be no refunds given.

Drop-Off/Pick-Up Policy

When dropping your child off, please deliver your child to the custody of a teacher. Please sign you child in on the sign-in sheet to the right of the cubby room exit door.

When picking your child up, please sign your child out on the sign out sheet. Please make sure a teacher acknowledges that you have picked up your child.

At the time of enrollment, you will be given a release authorization form to complete. Include the names of all those authorized to pick up your child. This should include parents and other significant adults that you designate. We will request a picture I.D. to confirm pre-authorized adults. Children will not be released to unauthorized individuals or anyone under 16.

Behavior Management and Discipline

At our preschool, we intend to support a child’s positive self-image. We try to fulfill the need for the warmth of human interaction, as well as to develop a sense of self-direction, self-assessment and self-control. By our examples, we want to help the children to grow in their attitude toward responsibility, to be more understanding and accepting of others, and to develop mutually respectful relationships with their peers and with adults.

While we care deeply about preserving the spontaneous process of the child’s nature, and encourage the free expression of feelings, we do this within the structure of fair and consistent rules which the children help to establish and maintain.

We emphasize the positive aspects of each child’s behavior and participation as well as help the child to recognize the difference between appropriate and inappropriate behavior. We accept mistakes as ways to reach new understanding, and we keep the rules at school as clear and consistent as possible. We speak to a child about what we want accomplished, not about what he/she is doing wrong.

Behavior Management Policy

The following are the procedures we follow in handling any unacceptable behaviors. Children are not punished in our program. A child may be reprimanded for the following kinds of behavior:

  • verbal abuse of others

  • physical abuse of others

  • disruption of group activity or another’s play

  • dangerous behavior alone or with others

Reprimands proceed as follows:

  • a quiet talk with the child explaining why his/her behavior is unacceptable

  • if the behavior continues, the child is removed from the group to “think” about what has caused his/her removal (3-4 minutes)

  • teacher then returns to talk with the child and review why the child is sitting to “think”; child is then returned to the group

Sandwich Village Preschool prohibits the use of corporal punishment, including spanking. The center prohibits cruel or severe punishment, humiliation or verbal abuse. Children are not denied food as a form of punishment nor are they force-fed. Children are not punished for soiling, wetting or not using the toilet.

Management of Infectious Disease

If your child becomes ill while at the preschool, she/he will be made comfortable under the supervision of a teacher in an area separate from the other children. If the child’s temperature is over 100 degrees, you will be called to arrange for your child to be picked up. Criteria regarding signs/symptoms of illness which will determine whether a child would be excluded from the preschool:

  • fever over 100 degrees

  • rash of unknown origin

  • uncontrolled diarrhea

  • head lice

A child that has any symptoms requiring exclusion will be isolated from other children and made comfortable until parents arrive. A child may return when:

  • fever has been normal for 24 hours

  • child has been on medication for 48 hours

  • no lice/nits are present in the hair

A sign will be posted to the right of the entrance stating any communicable diseases present. Staff will use disposable vinyl gloves when dealing with bodily fluids. Strict adherence to these policies are expected and greatly appreciated for the health and safety of all children and teachers.

Emergency Health Care

In the event that a child requires emergency care while at the preschool, one teacher will remain with the child and will administer first aid, while another places a call to emergency personnel. The parent (or designated adult if parent cannot be reached) will then be called and informed of the situation. A teacher or the director will accompany the child to the hospital if additional treatment is required. If parents have not been reached, we will notify the child’s pediatrician. The incident will be documented.

Administration of Medicine

If your child requires prescription medicine during her/his day at school, you will be required to complete an authorization form for each medicine. Medicine must be in the labeled, original container that indicates that the medicine is for the specific child and specifies the dosage, number of times per day, and the number of days to be administered. Parent’s authorization must indicate the medicine, dosage, time to be given, and for how many days. The medicine will be stored out of the reach of children. The administering of medicine will be documented on a dispense form and the completed form will be placed in the child’s file.

For non-prescription medications, parent authorization is required to administer in accordance with the physician’s written order. Attempts will be made to contact the parent prior to administering non-prescription medicine. Staff will notify parent in writing each time medicine is given.

Written parent authorization is required for staff to administer topical medications such as sunscreen and insect repellent. Clearly label your child’s individual bottle with her/his name. They will be applied by staff and stored out of the reach of children.

Toilet Learning

At Sandwich Village Preschool we are happy to accept children at various stages of toilet learning. If your child is still in diapers we require that you begin the school year by sending in a large pack of diapers, a full container of wipes, and a supply of large plastic bags (gallon ziploc bags or plastic grocery bags.) Your child’s teacher will contact you when the supply is getting low.

When parents and teachers agree that a child is showing interest in toilet learning, a plan will be mutually arranged. We request that “pull-ups” not be used in the toilet learning process. We have found that they are difficult to change and are confusing to the children in this transition to “big kid’s” underwear.

Transportation Plan

Parents, family members, or designated adults are responsible for transporting their children to and from the preschool each day.

For Walking Trips

We use a walking rope that has spaced loops for the children to hold when we take a walking trip. Safe walking rules are reviewed with the children prior to each walk. Teachers are placed in the front, middle, and rear of the rope. Children requiring additional assistance may hold a teacher’s hand. We maintain at least a 1:6 teacher/child ratio on walks. At crossings, one teacher will stop traffic before we cross the street.

For Field Trips

We rent a public school bus for some field trips. Family members are recruited to assist with the trip and are placed throughout the bus to assist the children and to ensure a safe bus trip. Safety bus rules are reviewed with the children and adults prior to boarding the bus.

For other local field trips, teachers and adult volunteers will use their personal vehicles to transport the children. Evidence of current car insurance and working seatbelts is a requirement. Parents are responsible for providing car seats for their children.

A first aid kit, children’s emergency cards and a cellular phone are always brought on our field trips. In case of illness or emergency, emergency services would be contacted if necessary. A parent or designated adult would be contacted by the director. One staff member will remain with the child at all times.

Social Service Referral Plan

  • Staff is responsible for informing the director of concerns; director documents conversation

  • Director sets observation times and documents observations. Teacher continues to document observations.

  • Director and staff member review child’s file, prior school progress reports and observations.

  • Program will provide parents with a written statement with the reason for recommending a referral for additional services, a brief summary of the program’s findings related to the referral, and any efforts the program has made to accommodate the child’s needs.

  • The director or teacher contacts parents to set up a team meeting to discuss concerns, observations and family’s options.

  • The teaching team, director, and parents continue to work together with follow-up meetings or discussions.

  • The director provides referral list to all parents and will make referral calls with parent’s consent.

Policy for Identifying and Reporting Child Abuse & Neglect

Sandwich Village Preschool (SVP) shall protect children from abuse and neglect while in the program’s care and custody. SVP shall develop and follow written procedures for reporting any suspected incidents of child abuse and neglect.

  • All staff members are mandated reporters of any suspected incidents of child abuse and neglect.

  • All staff members should document objectively any suspicions of abuse or neglect.

  • Staff should report concerns to the director.

  • The director reports to the rector of St. John’s church.

  • Rector, director, and reporting staff should objectively discuss concerns relating to observable criteria.

  • If deemed necessary, assistant director or director will place call to the Department of Social Services and report findings. They will follow up with a written report to D.S.S.

  • The director is also mandated to contact O.C.C.S. immediately after filing a 51a report on a staff member or learning that one has been filed by a staff member.

  • SVP shall cooperate in all investigations of abuse and neglect.

  • If it is alleged that a staff member was abusive or neglectful, that person will be removed from working with children. Pending the outcome of the Department of Social Services investigation, and any such further time determined by the Office of Child Care Services, the director and Preschool Committee will determine to reinstate, suspend with or without pay or terminate the staff member.