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Parent Information

At the beginning of each month you will find in your child’s "cubby" a calendar of events and a newsletter outlining the activities we plan to introduce that month. Throughout the school year these events and themes make up the general teaching and learning objectives of our curriculum.

In the foyer we have a Parent Board with postings of upcoming events, special activities, and important notices. Individual teachers also post a “What We Did Today…” form that will provide you with the highlights of your child’s school day. We also make every attempt to speak with parents and family members each day to report other significant events.

We welcome and celebrate family involvement at our preschool. Suggestions, comments, and ideas are always encouraged and appreciated. Parents are welcome to visit the program at any time. We also invite you to share your special talents with us, join us as a chaperone on a field trip, or just stop by to join in on the fun.

In January and June your child’s teacher will contact you to arrange a meeting to discuss your child and review a written progress report of your child’s activities, skills, and participation at the preschool. Parents may also request a meeting or conference with the program’s staff or director at any time throughout the school year.

Sandwich Village Preschool’s Rules

  1. Everyone can play.

  2. Bullying and hurting others is unacceptable.

  3. Show respect to:

  • Your teachers
  •   Your friends
  •   Your family
  •   Other adults
  1. Show respect by:
  • Using kind words
  •   Using manners
  •   Sharing with others
  •   Waiting your turn
  •   Not interrupting
  1. Use school equipment and supplies with care.

  1. When inside the school, use "inside" voices and "walking" feet.

Outdoor Play/Indoor Activities

We believe that children should be provided with daily outdoor activities, weather permitting. Please dress your child appropriately and clearly label all of your child’s items. For safety reasons, sneakers or closed toe sandals are required for outdoor play. Indoors, we use markers, paints, glue, water and sand. Children should wear comfortable play clothes while attending preschool.

Smoking/Fire Safety

Ours is a smoke-free environment. There is no smoking in the building or on the grounds. The building is equipped with a fire alarm system and fire extinguishers. The children and teachers practice monthly fire and evacuation drills.

Snacks and Lunch

Your child will be given a healthy and nutritious snack and juice during their preschool session. Full-day children will also be given a snack after rest time. Our snack menu for the week will be posted on the Family Information Board. We ask that each family donate a half gallon of 100% fruit juice and a box of crackers each month.

Children enrolled in the half or full-day program should bring lunch each day. Please label your child’s lunch box. Lunches should not be too large, and should offer healthy, balanced choices. Some suggestions include sandwiches, soup, pasta, cheese, vegetables, fruit and yogurt. A drink and ice pack should also be included in the lunch. Soda, gum and candy are not permitted. The staff will gladly heat food that has been sent in microwavable containers.

Rest Time

If your child attends preschool for over 5 hours in a day, she/he is required by DEEC regulations to rest for at least 45 minutes. Please provide a small sleeping bag for your child, clearly marked with her/his name. Sleeping bags will be stored in individual crates in the Quiet Room closet. Sleeping bags should be taken home every other week to be laundered.

What to Bring to Preschool on Your First Day

  1. A complete set of labeled, spare clothes that will remain at school.

  2. Outdoor clothing appropriate for the season.

  3. Children who are here for lunch should bring their own nutritious lunch, juice box, and small ice pack to keep it cool.

  4. Children in our full-day program should bring a small sleeping bag for rest time.

  5. Your child’s completed enrollment forms.

  6. A small photo of your child for their "cubby" tag.



  • Child Care Network (888) 530-2430
  • Community Partnership for Children (508) 888-9525
  • Early Intervention (508) 775-6998
  • Office of Child Care Services (508) 828-5025
  • Department of Social Services (508) 394-1325
  • Sandwich Public School-Special Services (508) 888-3666


  • Health Care Consultant (Dr. Frank Arnold) (508) 888-0770
  • Sandwich Public Health Nurse (508) 833-8020
  • Ask-A-Nurse (888) 771-2235
  • MASSHEALTH (800) 841-2900
  • Children’s Medical Security Plan (800) 909-2677
  • WIC Cape Cod Health Care (800) 942-2445
  • Cape Pediatric Dental Associates (508) 432-7555
  • MA Dental Society (800) 342-8747
  • Cape Opticians (508) 540-3937
  • Cape & Islands Hearing Center (800) 752-3277


  • Food Stamp Hotline (800) 645-8333
  • Sandwich Food Pantry (508) 888-3816
  • WIC Nutrition Program (508) 771-7896
  • MA Poison Center (800) 682-9211
  • Alcoholics Anonymous (508) 775-7060
  • Alcohol Information & Referral (800) 252-6465
  • Drug Abuse Services (508) 771-1859
  • Family Planning (508) 771-8010
  • Parents Anonymous (800) 882-1250
  • Hospice of Cape Cod (508) 362-1103
  • Parental Stress Line (800) 632-8188
  • Cape Psych Center (508) 771-0642
  • Cape & Islands Mental Health Center (800) 352-7742
  • MSPCC, Abuse/Neglect (children) (800) 775-0275
  • Upper Cape Counseling (508) 759-7119